October 24th Beach
Clean Up Day!

Recently we hosted our first beach clean up event with our company! We had over 50 volunteers join our crew in cleaning up the local island beaches we run our tours around. In total we picked up over 1380 pounds of trash from four different beach locations! Can you believe that? All our supplies were donated by Sunshine Ace Hardware and our crew. Afterwards, Snook Inn Restaurant hosted a big thank you party for all of those who participated.

How we did it

In order to cover the most ground with our volunteers, we decided to split them up into four groups, which was about 17 people each. Three groups were shuttled out to Kice Island, Morgan Beach, and Cape Romano. Every group member was given bags and gloves, and our crew assisted each volunteer with the heavy lifting and digging of bigger pieces. The majority of the trash we found were plastics, crab rope, crab traps, and we even cleaned up a derelict vessel that was in pieces on the beach. 

Once our crew picked up the piles of trash from each point, we shuttled them back to the mainland to be brought to the Naples Dump. In total we collected 1380 pounds of trash, and we know there is still more out there. 

Join us for our next beach clean up to keep our piece of paradise pristine!


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Did You Know?

It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to completely degrade.

Kayak and Paddle Board Clean Up

We had one adventurous group take out our kayaks and paddleboards over to Dickman’s Point! They were determined to get a big haul, so they divided up collecting ropes, digging up traps, tires, cans and all sorts of plastic trash. As a team they paddled and walked around the island untangling fishing line and ropes from the mangroves. Upon their return to the mainland, they were all smiles! 


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